Organizational Assessment.

Presenting a picture of your organization, comprehensively and validly.

To reach your destination, you have to know where to begin.

Organizational assessment consists of powerful tools and methodologies for identifying an organization’s strengths and areas in need of improvement. They are the critical starting point for initiating any type of organizational change. Our organizational assessment process will sift through the “symptoms” and identify the actual root issues that need to be resolved in order to move your company forward.

Why assess

In order to make the right decisions and position organizations for success, leaders need to have a clear picture of what’s going on within their organizations. A clear picture of your current state will help you plan for and implement the changes required to achieve your vision.

Organizational assessments can help to:

Gather information on the current state and ideal future state

Identify barriers to project implementation

Begin building buy-in for potential change

Define what’s working and what must be retained
Determine where there are areas of alignment or misalignment

Solicit recommendations

How we diagnose

At TalentSense, we employ an adaptive and collaborative approach by engaging a representative sample of employees from all levels of the organization in identifying the root causes of problems, possible improvements, possible solutions, and new opportunities.

Our Tools

TalentSense leverages powerful tools for assessing your organization’s people, processes, leadership, and culture.

We have a toolbox of proprietary TalentSense surveys and assessments that are able to diagnose common organizational issues from individual performance to organizational culture.

Our team is certified to administer many popular third-party assessments from major publishers such as Hogan, TTI, and more.

Need something more custom? Our team of PhD organizational psychologists are able to custom develop assessments tied to your organization’s unique competencies, values, and goals.

Ready to transform your organization with new insights?